“I don’t impress easily. But after attending the eye opening 2016 Transformation Expo, I committed to the Head First healthy scalp, healthy hair trichology program and became a certified hair renewal center. My business has already seen a dramatic increase in sales. These guys are reawakening this industry!”

Jimmy T.

Jimmy T

I must say, last Friday my client and I did ROST treatments and scope pics on each other. After I blew dried her hair she said to me “Chris, I can’t believe my hair feels and looks better now after the ROST treatment than it did after using ten pounds of product.”

I was truly amazed and so happy. I’ve already gotten two compliments on my hair after ROST and 4 days of alternating my shampoos!! This is really amazing. I’m continuing to study my “bible”, ordered a bunch of product and will begin advertising and selling very soon.

I’m looking very forward to what this will bring to my salon!!

Chris P.

Chris P

Having just completed the Head First training, I wanted to provide some feedback.  We signed up for the Head First after looking at what was available in the market and because we have a large millennial market who is trying to keep their hair healthy. What we got out of this training is an excellent foundation of the Trichology behind the different scalp issues and a set of products to treat them. We are excited and tried the initial treatment on some clients who told us they felt the difference right away.  We anticipate that this will provide us with some tools to help our clients solve their scalp issues, increase our lead traffic, and improve our profits.

Thank you for helping us get into this program.

Arnold H.
San Jose, CA

Arnold H